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Romantic SMS For Her - How to Text Your Ex Back!Hello there, I’m Cindy Basalic.  I want to thank you for taking the time to visit my site on Romantic SMS For Her.

My success story was not as simple as you might think.  I had been in a long term relationship with my boyfriend Ashton for almost two and a half years.  Things had been going pretty well, I mean we had our ups and downs like any couple, but mostly things were great.

Near our two year anniversary Ashton had popped the question and asked me to marry him!  This obviously thrilled me immensely and I started planning right away.  Things were never better… until…

About four months into the engagement Ashton had begun to grow a little weary of the approaching wedding day and as many men do, he started getting “cold feet” and put the wedding on hold.  I was devastated!  I began to push and plead with him about what had caused it.  Was it me?  Was it another woman?  How could this be happening?

He did as most normal men would have done and began to distance himself from me the more I tried to get into his head and determine the problem.  This only made me want to try harder to “fix” the problem.  I had no idea how I would get our wedding plans back on track.

Luckily a close friend had told me about “Text Your Ex Back“.  It was an amazing course on how to use sms texting to rekindle the desire of your boyfriend, lover or husband.  In my case my “soon-to-be” husband, I hoped!?!?

All I can say is that I was skeptical, and truly had no real reason to believe that such an every day mundane practice could bring Ashton back to the path we had chosen only four months before.

This site is dedicated to helping other women just like me, regain the affection and desire from their significant others using the “Text Your Ex Back” method. ;)

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